10 things to declutter before you move

10 things to declutter before you move

So you are getting ready for the big move!  All the searching, saving, and planning that you have been doing for months is finally paying off.  You have discovered a home you love and can’t wait until you are at peace in your new place.  The only thing left to do is pack for the move.  I can sense an eye roll and groan at reading that last sentence.  Yes, it is a pain, and boring, time-consuming, and frustrating.  I don’t know anyone who likes to box all their crap up to transfer it to unpack it all over again.  That’s why I think it’s best to declutter before or as you are packing your things.  You will be going through all of your stuff anyway, and you will have extra boxes to load all the donations in for transport. It just makes sense. What kinds of things are we supposed to be focused on decluttering here?  I’m glad you asked.  Although you will be basically decluttering all you pack, some categories tend to get forgotten about and just thrown in a box without consideration.  Keep these in mind when deciding what will make a move with you.

The kitchen


Before packing up your kitchen, consider that there may be some items that could be tossed or donated.  Mismatched Tupperware, broken or cracked dishes, cookware that you haven’t used in a while because everything sticks to it no matter what you have tried, the wonky handle that’s loose or the lid that’s missing its handle, multiple utensils of the same variety, or gadgets that you never use.  I know it’s cute, and it was on sale, but If you haven’t used it by now, it’s probably not gonna happen.  Let it go, my friend.



Old comforters and throws need to go.  If they are faded, have holes or tears in them, or smell funky, throw them away.  If grandma made it and it is a keepsake to pass on, store it properly for that purpose.  Mismatched linens that never get used or that one bedding set you are holding on to for that dream guest bedroom you will have someday way in the future need to go.  I promise you will be able to find something you love even more when that time comes.  The chances are that it will not be in good condition or your tastes will have changed by then. Faded and torn bath towels and washcloths should be tossed or cut up to use as cleaning cloths.  Stained or worn kitchen towels should be dealt with the same.  If you have towels in good condition, but you don’t use them, give them to friends or family who want them or donate them to charity.



Old phones and their cases (why do we keep these?), computers and monitors that need repair or replaced, cables and cords that have lost their mate or don’t have a known purpose. You are holding on to old appliances, radios, and VCRs for some unknown reason, and old gaming consoles and games.  Toss or recycle those electronics you no longer use.



Now is a good time to go through your clothes and sort out what you love and what you haven’t worn in a year.  Please get rid of clothes that are missing buttons, have tears or stains on them.  Only hold on to items that need repair if you are REALLY going to repair them.  Otherwise, toss them.  You can sell or consign clothing and accessories in excellent condition and are of great quality, and donate any in good or excellent condition that you do not want to sell.


Any decor that you will not be putting up in your new home should be donated, sold, or tossed.


This includes broken items that you wanted to repair, but never got around to it, or anything that won’t fit or go with the new space.

Household items


This includes old paint, shelving you have replaced, old curtain rods, shower rings, gadgets that you aren’t even sure what it is or know where it came from (you don’t need that), screens that don’t fit your windows, etc. Any items that you may be holding on to for a future purpose can be let go.  Unless you have a specific purpose and plan to put it into action very soon, there is no reason to keep them.

Kid stuff


Any toys, games, or books that your children have outgrown.  Donate them to a friend, family member, a local church, or charity.



VHS tapes, cassette tapes, CDs that you don’t listen to or already have downloaded, DVDs that you or your kids don’t watch or are too scratched to watch.  You can transfer your VHS tapes to DVD or convert them to digital to preserve family videos, special occasions, and childhood performances.

Expired goods


Anything that is expired and no longer able to be used due to it going bad or no longer effective.  Cleaning products, personal care, medications, salves, pesticides, and makeup.



Anything dealing with an old hobby that you no longer have an interest in or don’t plan to pick back up, and outgrown or old sporting equipment that cannot be used.

Under the influence of clutter, we may underestimate how much time we're giving to the less important stuff.

Crystal Kiefer

Crystal Kiefer

I am a Professional Organizer who believes that clutter and disorganization involves more than just the physical things we see around us.  I understand how the environment in which we live, the people we share our lives with, and the emotions that come along with it, can have a direct affect on how we see and deal with clutter and organization. 

So, I will be sharing more than my expertise in organizing.  I will also be blogging about struggles I’m facing in my own life, thoughts on anxiety and depression, faith, self-care and home renovating and how they can impact organization in our daily lives.  My hope is to help others facing similar situations obtain clarity in their own lives.