Helpful Hints for Unpacking After a Move

Helpful Hints for Unpacking After a Move

Okay, so you have done all the hard work of packing and moving your family and belongings to a new home.  Now, for the fun part of unpacking!  How do we go about doing this with the most efficiency and losing our minds?

Everyone will do it a little differently, but there are some helpful hints to keep in mind that will make the unpacking a lot more pleasant.  Here are 5 hints to get you started:

1. Do Some Light Cleaning First

Before you begin unpacking, I suggest doing some cleaning first.  Wipe down the counters, check for dust build-up on surfaces or along baseboards, and notice areas of the carpet along the baseboards or corners that may need a quick vacuum.  It’s much easier to take care of this before you have begun unpacking so you will have a clean slate to work with.

2. Upack Your Essentials

This is where the medium clear container marked essentials from packing up comes in handy. This tub should be filled with anything you would need immediately on moving -in- day such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, water, and trash bags that is kept handy and won’t require rummaging through packed boxes.  It would be a major pain to have to use the restroom and not know where the toilet paper is stashed or needing a snack before you get hangry but can’t locate the exact kitchen box of goodies.

3. Unpack according to priority

Start with unpacking the kitchen and the bathroom.  These are the two major areas that will need to be the most efficient right away.  Then, the kid’s room, yours, and so on.  

4. Organize With Purpose

Wait until you know what you will need to store in a particular area before purchasing organizers. You will want to avoid buying something that won’t work well in the space or purchasing more than you will need.

Go ahead and organize your things as you put them away instead of shoving everything into the cabinet just to be done with it.  It will take you a little longer to unpack, but everything will have its home, and you shouldn’t need to search for what you need.

5. Be prepared and efficient

Have your bed made up early on so it will be ready for you to crawl into after a long day of unpacking, and figure out ahead of time how you will be doing meals to take some pressure off.  It will also be helpful to break down boxes as you go to clear the pathways, but keep one handy for trash or to fill with donation items that got left unchecked during the packing.

Crystal Kiefer

Crystal Kiefer

I am a Professional Organizer who believes that clutter and disorganization involves more than just the physical things we see around us.  I understand how the environment in which we live, the people we share our lives with, and the emotions that come along with it, can have a direct affect on how we see and deal with clutter and organization. 

So, I will be sharing more than my expertise in organizing.  I will also be blogging about struggles I’m facing in my own life, thoughts on anxiety and depression, faith, self-care and home renovating and how they can impact organization in our daily lives.  My hope is to help others facing similar situations obtain clarity in their own lives.