7 Ways To Show Love This Month

7 Ways to Show Love This Month

Showing someone you care about them doesn’t have to be expensive, and showing love during February isn’t only for spouses or romantic relationships.  We should be showing our love for everyone throughout the year, but putting forth a little extra effort this month will be sure to warm someone’s heart.

1. Get Crafty with it

Make something for someone.  Put your thinking cap on.  What would be a gift that would be unique to the person you want to appreciate?  A photo collage, CD mix, or an equivalent, a video montage?  Perhaps a painting or a handmade card?  Whatever it is, cater it to their personality for a personal heartfelt gift.

3. Surprise Them!

Stop by their workplace unexpectedly (if you are able) for a visit or to take them to lunch.  Send them their favorite flowers (on a day other than Valentine’s Day so it is not assumed).  Send something different altogether such as cupcakes or concert tickets!


2. Take them out

Schedule a dinner or lunch date. Make sure it stands out from other outings by allotting more time for conversation, picking a new place, or make an evening out of it by doing something fun together such as miniature golf or bowling.  Let them know you are looking forward to spending that time with them.

4. Set Aside Quality Time

Have a day each week set aside for family time where you have a game night or movie night.  The movies could be themed for the occasion such as romantic comedies. 

 You could let your children pick an activity that you all could do to show appreciation for the time they spend with you.

5. Plan Special Days

Schedule different outings that you will take on specific days of the month.  You can make them simple or extravagant.  Have scavenger hunts for clues for your next adventure.  Fun, right?

6. Get Personal

Make a list of things you love about someone.  What makes them special to you?  What are the reasons you are glad to have them in your life?   write it out on paper to personalize it or think of a creative way to display it.

7. Provide an Act of Service

Help someone with a project they have been working on, watch a friend’s kids for her so she can have an evening out with her husband, or help someone get a room in their home organized!

"Never procrastinate in showing love. Don't delay. Don't put it off. do it now."

Crystal Kiefer

Crystal Kiefer

I am a Professional Organizer who believes that clutter and disorganization involves more than just the physical things we see around us.  I understand how the environment in which we live, the people we share our lives with, and the emotions that come along with it, can have a direct affect on how we see and deal with clutter and organization. 

So, I will be sharing more than my expertise in organizing.  I will also be blogging about struggles I’m facing in my own life, thoughts on anxiety and depression, faith, self-care and home renovating and how they can impact organization in our daily lives.  My hope is to help others facing similar situations obtain clarity in their own lives.

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