5 tips for tidying your closet

5 Tips for Tidying Your Closet

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do or where to start when trying to keep a closet, or any space for that matter, tidy.  It is a great accomplishment to get your closet organized, but keeping it tidy is something we all struggle with.  So how do you manage this when everyday life gets in the way of keeping up a neat space? Here are five tips to help keep your closet nice and tidy.

Pick Them Up

Keep your clothes off of the floor and refrain from laying them on a chair or other piece of furniture (they may as well be on the floor).  Either hang your clothes back up if they are able to be worn again before a wash, or toss them into a hamper.  No more guessing which clothes are clean and which ones are dirty.  It really doesn’t take much time if you are doing it as you undress.  I promise this will save you lots of time!

Five Tips For Tidying Your Closet

Lay Them Out

Put clothes up right out of the dryer, or have a specific place where you hang clothes that you are air- drying.  It doesn’t take as long as you think, and you won’t have mounds of clothes piling up stressing you out if you take care of them promptly.  If you absolutely cannot get to them right away, at least lay them out flat or fold them to deter wrinkles until you can properly put them away.

Box Them In

Invest in drawer organizers.  They don’t have to be expensive, they just need to serve their purpose.  Having a home for each pair of socks and underwear keeps you from rummaging through drawers trying to find a match.  Also, you will be able to see exactly what you have so you won’t end up purchasing duplicates.  Bonus, you will be able to close your drawer!! 

Air Them Out

Edit Your Closet for Unwanted Clothing
Do a regular closet edit.

Go through clothes each season, edit out clothes that no longer fit, flatter, or do not resonate with you anymore.  Clothes need breathing room, and you need only to keep the clothes that make you feel wonderful! You could consider switching out clothes each season if you have the ability to store out-of-season clothing.  This would allow for a larger wardrobe per season if you own several different types of clothing.

Stand Them Up and They Will Stand Out!

Switch out bulky hangers for more slim-lined ones and add fabric bins to store out-of-season clothing or garments you would not display.  Using shelf dividers can be helpful to keep folded clothes neat and upright.  Shoe and purse organizers keep your accessories maintained and well at hand.  They can be neatly tucked away on a shelf or displayed proudly with acrylic holders.

5 tips for tidying your closet
Switch to slim hangers and place fabric bins on shelves to house items you don't want displayed.

"For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned."

Crystal Kiefer

Crystal Kiefer

I am a Professional Organizer who believes that clutter and disorganization involves more than just the physical things we see around us.  I understand how the environment in which we live, the people we share our lives with, and the emotions that come along with it, can have a direct affect on how we see and deal with clutter and organization. 

So, I will be sharing more than my expertise in organizing.  I will also be blogging about struggles I’m facing in my own life, thoughts on anxiety and depression, faith, self-care and home renovating and how they can impact organization in our daily lives.  My hope is to help others facing similar situations obtain clarity in their own lives.